La Sierra Negra / Black Sierra


The Sierra Negra is a unique county in a remote corner of the province of Guadalajara, less than 100km from Madrid. And you cannot imagine how far from civilization this land is, even the short distance to the cosmopolitan capital.


The villas and houses of this county are made with the local stone: black slate. Hence the name of the county: The Black Villages (Los Pueblos Negros), and also the name of the area: La Sierra Negra.

That's why this land is so magical and special. Local traditions are mixed with a feeling of mystic landscapes like Peak Ocejón or the Pass of La Quesera, a classic cycling summit that connects the regions of Castilla y León with Castilla-La Mancha.  

Travelling: Accomodation & Biketrip (MTB and Road Bike).
Destination: Majaelrayo (Guadalajara).
Level: Experts only.
Total elevation gain: 2.500m
Average daily slope: 990m.
Nature of terrain: gravel, tracks.
Pack: Day backpack with water and minimum personal equipment.
Transport: By van. Daily transfer of personal baggage to the final stage.
Guiding: Spanish qualified guides. English & French speaking.
Groups: 6 to 15 participants.
When: July-October.
Bicycles to rent only upon request.

Daily organization 2 to 4 hours biking per day. Beverages and daily supplying(energy bars or fruit) served by the organization on a given meeting point.Wellness and spa resorts available at least every two stages.




Ask for a custom budget by detailing your preferences.

La Sierra Negra