Dreamers, riders, travellers, roamers. We sallute you all.

We do the walk with you

Alfonso y Roberto are CAMINO, a way of understanding our great passions: bicycles, culture and traditions of the places we ride by. We like to mimetize with the local way of life, not only visiting and passing by it.


We also like others to enjoy with us every single spot of our trips, the details of every corner, and that delicious meal after the daytrip. We appreciate so much the landscapes, the heritage of the villages and the people, that you will appreciate them, too.


And we do all this by making friends, always. It is our CAMINO [way], so can be yours, too.




I was born in Madrid. I have travelled and ridden in almost every continent and discipline for 25 years. I am a Mountain Biking guide by the Cycling Federation of Madrid and UCI Team Manager level 1..

My passion is to design amazing tracks, ride them and show them to my friends.

Among other things I own and publish the online cycling magazine Cadencia Mag.

And I am homebrewer, too!


I was born in Zamora, one of the most beautiful places in Castilla y León.


I used to be in the mountains since I remember. Climbing, trekking, alpinism... and a mountain biking guide by the Cycling Federation of Madrid.

 am Geologist and expert in the conservation of the spanish artistic and historical heritage. Name anything with history in any place of Spain and I will explain it to you.

Three music tunes define us barely well
INTO THE WILD. We care for environment and ecological impact. We only ride in safe, free trails. The only thing we want to leave behind is a positive impact in local business and people. Small villages in rural Spain welcomes tourism and bike trips, and we care for a sustainable impact of our tour trips, adding value to our local partners like hotels, restaurants and local business.

COMFORTABLY NUMB. Adventure is not opposite to confort any more. You can ride the toughest trails, covered with mud and dirt, and feel spick and span just after dropping the bike at the end of the day. We care for the ride, but also for the food and the good vibes. After the ride comes the prize, and we know where to find it and how!
RUN TO THE HILLS. We know the hills, we know the trails and we know to ride. We will never take you to anything you don't want to ride, but we will also encourage you to get over your fears and make things that you didn't believe you could do. It will be worth it, and our people knows it.




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